About High Spirits Clothing

High Spirits Clothing was developed by Hannah Sharp and Justin Hosey in 2012. We found that affordable active wear was scarcely offered by retailers. How can one motivate themselves to work out if they can’t even afford the clothing to do so?? Enter Hannah’s sewing machine and some spandex fabric… A few years, a wedding, and hundreds of experimental products and fabrics later, here we are!!

We have since expanded High Spirits Clothing into an online boutique, carrying both house brand handmade products, as well as curated looks from other designers across the country. This has allowed us to offer an even more diverse product lineup at even better prices. We are constantly looking for ways to better serve you!

High Spirits is not only clothing; we want it to be synonymous with happy and healthy living. When people see our logo, we don’t want them to only think about yoga pants. High Spirits encompasses an entire way of living with positivity, passion, and pleasure. We would like to be able to help people. We want to share our advice and experiences with a purpose. We hope that the lessons that we have learned, big and small, can get someone else through a tough time, or inspire them to be the best person they can possibly be!

We aim to please, with quality product at consistently affordable prices.

justin and hannah hosey
high spirits

A little about us…

Justin is a certified personal trainer and studied nutrition, our personal construction specialist, and has experience with graphic design. He loves Star Wars, comic books, and Coheed & Cambria.

Hannah is our full time designer and seamstress, as well as local yoga instructor here in Loveland, CO.

Both Hannah and Justin are happy to be here promoting positive lifestyles, self and mutual respect, and gratitude and appreciation.

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